Finishing the Freediving Season

I promise to tell you how I discovered freediving for myself and what I found in this unique sport of total breathless calmness. But in this post I’d like to draw the bottom line on the first freediving season in my life.



I’m flying to Moscow in few days and I probably won’t have any deep underwater trainings in the next few months. So now I can speculate on what I have achieved in the first 10 months of freediving in my life.

My season was almost one year long. It started in February 2014 and finished in December in a very positive tone. I was training the whole year with just a few 2-week breaks and one 1-month-long pause. During this period of time I had around 100 training sessions in the sea, 50 in the swimming pool and 150 on the land. I dived to the depth of 46 meters with constant weight with fins and to the depth of 36 meters without them. I held my breath for 4min 30 sec in static and for 2min 3 sec with completely empty lungs. I met some new friends totally crazy about freediving and reunited with old ones. A few days before going away I dived to the depth which I had thought so much about, which had always been so near but still had not been reached. For the first time in the last few weeks I finally stopped because I touched the weight which had been fixed to the end of the rope. That day the weight was 50 meters deep. I knew that I would not experience any problems in terms of breath-holding – the dives to 45 meters hadn’t caused me any problems. But those tricky parts with ears hadn’t let me dive deep enough and experience the pleasure the freedivers usually crave for. Most freedivers come across the problem with ear pressure adjustment when they dive deeper than 30 meters and I am no exception. The final stage of my diving training season was completely devoted to this equalisation problem. I tested different techniques and tactics, did my own experiments although I had thought that the solution of the problem had already been found in the summer. Finally thanks to those experiments and the techniques adaptation which I learnt from the Russian Freediving Federation and Aharon Solomons, I was able to go down to 50 meters and enjoy it notwithstanding the current, undertow and not perfect weather and other conditions for freediving. At this training stage in the sea I was concentrated on solving the problem with ears at the expense of other things. As a result I spent three months on free immersion (pulling the rope) only. When I am completely done with it, I will be able to focus on training in other disciplines, first of all in No fins.

So now I am leaving the Red Sea to cool down to the temperatures which I have no suit for and move on to Moscow and then to Thailand.

That was a great season! Thank you my permanent partners: Katya Korovina, Ivan Sokharukov, Gal Shtokhamer, Asaf, Mike Golubkov, Serega, Yaron Hoory. Thank you my small cosy place in Eilat and his owner Nir Ben Moshe. He started freediving after me and is about to touch 50 soon.

stuffThank you instructors – Alon Rivkind, Aharon Solomons and all the instructors of Russian Freediving Federation

One of the next posts will be devoted to my personal understanding of freediving, about the way I trained, what feelings I got in my body and mind during the process and what conclusions I came to after all the training process.


Pictures by Alon Rivkind and Alina Tsivkin

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    Thank you Mike for great season of deep disclosures…

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