I have already tried to explain why I started all this in this post.

This site was created right in the middle of the life period which I want to describe to you in this blog. In order not to miss anything I decided to start writing about the events in my life at the moment of starting this site and go in both directions simultaneously: into the past and into the future. The posts are published when they are finished and ready. The readers have an opportunity to sort them in the chronological order of events, by the date of publishing and also backwards. Let it be our little experiment with the time line)) This will continue until I have told you about all the past events of my life which I intend to tell about. I have been keeping silent for too long – there just was no reason for telling all this to anyone. Let’s consider the date the first message was published as the halfway point.

I decided to run two versions of the site: the Russian and the English one. To save my time I write only in Russian and get my posts translated into English by another person. That is why English texts may have mistakes and discrepancies but I will do my best to check everything and correct them.
We shouldn’t forget that this is a travel blog in the end, so I add a map to my every post so that I can pin my posts to the travelling route I am taking.

On this site you can always ask me something and get feedback!
Let’s get it started!

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