What’s it all about. Introduction

Life is laughing on me by throwing random obstacles. I try to use them as the steps and climb up, do slalom between the contingencies, try to find my way between the countless “final decisions” of the peolpe in charge of my future, the people that still can’t tell anything about this future. And it goes on and on for months and years… Every couple of months my life can make an unexpected U-turn with the probability of 50%, and I can influence neither the direction it might take, nor the chances it would do so. I can’t plan ahead for more than 1-2 months. So you can’t start something really big and important, which requires a lot of time and dedication in the future.

Is this a confession? A plea for help? Neither. It’s an introduction to my blog which will thrive with optimism and positive thoughts. The first paragraph is just a white sheet of paper where one can draw many diverse pictures. Maybe not breathtaking lifelong masterpieces, but surely a succession of small elegant sketches.


Photo by Mikhail Govor. Altai mountains 2011

Why does it have to be so? Why don’t I live like all other people?

Long ago, almost in a different life, I got into a car accident. In that situation I was just an extra, but by no means a director. After 10 months when I started to have some chances for recovery I told my story thus starting my previous blog in Russian. Here my way from a handicapped person to a pro-rider is described. The sole idea which ran with a red line through the whole blog was the following: not just to recover completely and get back to the level of life I used to have before that accident, but using the accumulated “internet-potential” to open up a new life level. This blog finishes in the positive tone, although it should have suddenly fallen into the void and should have taken the readers and followers by surprise with a far more tragic ending. But I didn’t have enough belief in the worst scenario possible. Broken bones don’t heal well, so the treatment has started all over again and is still going on at the moment. It’s been 5 years since the accident now.

The longer I live in this situation, the deeper I understand that I’m given a unique chance of seeing some life events from a slightly different angle. But more interestingly the readers and followers can see my life as something unusual, sometimes stunning and inspiring, but sometimes off-putting and ambiguous. Before now people who wanted to keep their memories started to write books or memoirs. The 21st century gives us more opportunities so I decided to make a reality show of my life by uploading myself on the net from now on.

Why am I doing this?

People constantly communicate and I am no exception. I strongly believe that with the help of those posts describing both my past and present I will be able to cheer up, give hope or even enlighten some of my readers and followers. On the other hand I want to get feedback from my readers, because I think that by writing just one comment a reader can give me a brilliant idea, show me a new way which has never occurred to me before.

I’d like to share with the people who care. And I’ve got something to share because a traveller’s life constantly surprises or teaches you.

How to read this?

I’ve decribed the main principles of the blog here.

First posts won’t be easy to read. In order not to unveil the further events I’ll describe only the things that happened at the time the post is about. One can understand the background only when reading the next post “from the past”.

2 комментариев на “What’s it all about. Introduction

  1. евгений
    Tuesday May 5th, 2015 at 09:14 AM

    спасибо за материал по скалолазанию – интересно.
    хотелось бы узнать в какой стадии лечение травмы и что с самой травмой?
    с одной стороны вроде как еще лечишь ее, с другой стороны я так понимаю с серьезной травмой лазаешь 8ки…
    сам недавно порвал передний крест и мениск, жду операцию и с учетом своего фанатизма с тоской смотрю на процесс восстановления..

    1. mkrut
      Wednesday May 6th, 2015 at 06:29 AM

      В стадии “можешь ходить, хотя судя по снимкам не особо понятно как ты это делаешь”. И в то же время “дальнейшее лечение толком невозможно, если только не вырезать всю кость и пытаться наростить ее заново в течение двух лет с абсолютно не гарантированным результатом”..

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